Customer FAQs

  • What are the benefits of using Catch-taxi?

    The biggest benefit of using Catch-taxi is getting where you need to go safely, quickly, and for a fair price! All of our drivers have been extensively vetted by the Catch-taxi team, eliminating any danger. Our large fleet of drivers and superior app ensures that one of these drivers will reach you quickly to take you to your destination. And because trip prices are calculated automatically according to a base price, distance, traffic waiting time, and customer waiting time, you always pay the right price for the trip you take with no annoying haggling!

    Furthermore, Catch-taxi provides many great incentive programs to loyal customers. For example, if you recommend our app to a friend, our referral bonus gives both you and your friend a discount on your next ride! Our app is also available in both Amharic and English, making it a breeze to use.

  • What types of services does Catch-taxi offer?

    Catch-taxi offers two services according to car type: standard and XL. Standard, provides a balance of comfort and affordability. XL is Catch’s service for those who need a bigger car, with a minimum of 7 total seats.

  • What are Catch’s prices?

    Catch’s prices vary by service category and are calculated according to a base price, price per kilometer and price per minute.
    The charge rates are as below:

    • Base Price: 50 Birr
    • Price Per Kilometer: 10 Birr
    • Price Per minute: 1 Birr

  • What languages is Catch-taxi available in?

    Catch-taxi is currently available in English, with plans to translate it into several other languages including Amharic and arabic soon.

  • How do I know I’m safe using Catch-taxi?

    Catch-taxi undertakes extensive vetting of all of its drivers to ensure that only the safest and most reliable drivers will give you a ride. All of our drivers are also required to have 3rd party insurance on their vehicles and a valid commercial vehicle license as required by Ethiopian law, ensuring you’re covered in the event that an accident were to occur.

    All trips are monitored from the main office

  • Can I order more than one ride from my account?

    No, you can’t order more than one ride on the application at a time. You will be able to order another ride once your previous ride is completed.

  • Can I request a ride?

    With the catch app you can easily request a ride