Driver FAQs

  • What are the benefits of driving for Catch-taxi?

    The biggest benefit of driving for Catch-taxi is that you will earn money quickly and easily on your own schedule! Catch-taxi has developed a strong customer base through a number of innovative marketing and incentive programs, which will provide you with many trips each day to earn cash. Our commission structure is highly favorable for drivers and our prices fair, providing you with income when and where you need it.

  • What types of services does Catch-taxi offer?

    Catch-taxi offers three services according to car type: Standard and XL. Standard type includes cars and Code 3 vehicles with 5 total seats. XL is Catch-taxi’s service for large groups and is composed of Code 1 or 3 cars with at least 7 total seats.

  • What are Catch’s prices?

    Catch’s prices vary by service category and are calculated according to a base price and price per kilometer. Night rates apply from 22:00 to 6:00.

  • What is Catch’s commission structure?

    Catch-taxi values it's drivers so much, so we've made the commission a flat rate of 10%. lower than most other companies in Ethiopia

  • How do I get paid by the passengers?

    Customers pay either directly to the driver using cash, or through the app on an international credit card. Payment integration for Amole, Hello Cash, M Birr, CBE birr and other mobile money systems will be implemented soon.

  • Credit card option.

    Drivers are required to put down a deposit when they first sign up for Catch-taxi to buy credit. As the driver provides rides for cash, that credit is used up. If the credit in the app reaches zero, the app will not work until more credit is purchased so Catch-taxi will notify a driver when his/her credit is low so he/she can top-up before it runs out.

  • What languages is Catch-taxi available in?

    Catch-taxi is currently available in English, with plans to translate it into several other languages including Amharic and Arabic soon.

  • How many trips will I get per day working for Catch-taxi?

    The number of daily trips varies by demand, that’s why Catch-taxi is focused on bringing more customers every day. We have a strong marketing team working on different marketing strategies that will provide customers with discounts and offers that will guarantee a wide customer base.

  • Do I need a smartphone and data connectivity to drive for Catch-taxi?

    Yes, a smartphone and data connectivity are required. Catch-taxi has also provided an offline mode to carter for slow internet connectivity

  • My app isn’t working, what should I do?

    Please update your app to the latest version and if the problem still persists call Catch-taxi directly for assistance.

  • What happens if I cancel a request after accepting?

    While canceling occasionally is permitted, Catch-taxi reserves the right to ban drivers who cancel frequently from using the application.